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Hey everybody,

A friend of mine is going to bike ride 100 miles for diabetes. This is for Tour de Cure in beautiful Napa Valley. She’d like to raise $2500 for this event. All proceeds go to the cure for diabetes. If you can, please help out. Or feel free to share her page! She’s an amazing skater, riding for a worthy cause. Please check her page out to learn why she rides.




Cartoonist Clifford Berryman’s proposal for improved government efficiency:

Untitled, 03/09/1916

From the Clifford Berryman Political Cartoon Collection

This untitled illustration by cartoonist Clifford Berryman, which appeared in the Washington Evening Star on March 9, 1916, is a response to the proposal made by Representative William Patterson Borland of Missouri that an extra hour be added to the government work day. Here, Uncle Sam watches as government workers rush by below on their way to work wearing roller skates to ensure their early arrival and wondering why he had not thought of it.

(Thankfully never implemented.  We can only imagine disaster would ensure in the Archives’ conservation labs…)

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